One of our goals as a niche commercial property firm is to offer something different to our clients around data management. We are partnering with our long time IT advisors, Treevue, to achieve this objective. We have the capability to set up a shared workspace in a matter of minutes and to allow third parties to view data on a file by file or folder by folder basis or just individual documents. We have a best in class ‘Word’ search, similar to that in a Google Drive, but we think we can go further. We are experimenting with Artificial Intelligence to see if we can make more of the data we are sharing with our clients. Natural Language Processing makes contextual search attainable – so you would not even have to know the exact word you are looking for when searching. Search on search is a feature we are looking to achieve to refine existing searches. We want to be able to index automatically exactly what has been disclosed to a third party and at the click of a button to list exactly what has been seen/downloaded. Within documents themselves we are trialling the ability to change the native character of a document during download. Features to come include hover over preview and built into that we want hyper-linking of key terms. So, if you preview a document on the workspace and hover over, say, a company name, a link will advise you if the company is active, dissolved, or if the accounts are overdue.

We want to work collaboratively with clients and other advisors and have set up platforms where rights can be granted to upload and download (singly and in batches), rename documents and folders and to move and delete them. Permissions can be set for third parties to invite others into the individual workspaces. Our workspace, which includes all documentation for every client is cloud based, and it currently syncs with our internal file server in real time. The next feature we expect is a change in the sync so this will occur on each client desktop so we can identify who is making any change. Every word and every click of the mouse is recorded on the system. If we have sync on the desktop, version control of every document will become a reality for us and those sharing with us. Every previous version of documents will also be stored in the future and comparison of versions can also be achieved on download ‘on the fly’.

We are excited about how we can transform how we work in the future and the opportunities this will open up for us and our clients. Please talk to us if you want to find out more.