A number of our key clients rely on us for property management work. Some of these clients hold extensive portfolios, and turn to Land Law for incisive, timely and dependable advice, informed by our detailed knowledge of their business. Our experience of landlord and tenant work includes lease renewals, break notices, dilapidations issues, alienation disputes and the recovery of rent arrears.

The firm’s innovative use of IT is central to its streamlined approach. For instance, our portal gives our clients access to all their important property documents, anywhere, anytime, through an internet browser.

Recent work includes the construction and maintenance of online deeds and documents stores for a number of heavyweight property management companies, using our client portal. This involved the organisation of thousands of documents into property-specific folders, allowing our clients to quickly find and use their documents. One example included more than 8,000 documents pertaining to 5,000 acres of land worth hundreds of millions of pounds.